Secure your digital lifestyle with WardWiz

WardWiz Essential

A 360-degree security solution for your computer

WardWiz Essential Plus

Offers all features of the Essential version plus E-Mail Scan, Parental Control and Firewall.

WardWiz Android Essential Plus

WardWiz Android Essential Plus offers plenty of innovative feature to secure your Android device.

WardWiz iOS Essentials

WardWiz iOS Essentials is a mobile security solution for your iPhone or iPad.

WardWiz VPN

Explore the worldwide web without any restrictions.

WardWiz VPN encrypts all the data you send or receive so nobody can spy on your private matters.

Proactive, efficient and yet
lightweight comprehensive security that’s WardWiz for you.

It's the first ever personalized Digital Security Solution protecting your digital lifestyle. Whether you’re a private person, a concerned parent or running a small business – WardWiz offers complete protection for your PC and mobile device. With its innovative features, it not only defends your system from cyber-attacks – it is always one step ahead and makes your whole digital life easy and carefree.

Next Level Protection for you
and your children’s mobile device

Privacy-enhancing app for Android

WardWiz Android Essential Plus

Next Level Protection for your and your children’s mobile device

WardWiz Android Essentials Plus does not only protect you from cyber threats - it is also a reliable assistant in case of theft and loss and always has a lookout for your children. The Anti-Theft and the Parental Control features are the pioneers for the next level of security apps.

Price $11.95

WardWiz iOS Essentials

WardWiz iOS Essentials is a utility for your iPhone or iPad. WardWiz aims at securing your personal data on your device from being used by unauthorised users.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Price $11.95

WardWiz VPN

Complete protection from hackers and cyber attacks

Protect your online activities from hackers and cyber attacks when you browse the web. WardWiz encrypts all the data you send or receive so nobody can spy on your private matters.

Leveraging and Securing your highest
potential in the digital environment

We provide System Essential Tools and the Antivirus comes along with it.

WardWiz Essential

Protection for your workstation

Price: $34.95

WardWiz Essential Plus

Protection for your workstation

Price: $44.95

Windows Protection


Boot time Scan

Scans and removes threats before operating system get started.

Exclude Scan

With Exclude Scan feature you can eliminate known safe files or applications that should not be scanned.

Custom Scan

You can create and run a scan to meet your requirements. Simply drag and drop the files or applications that you wish to scan.

Auto USB Scanner

Every time a flash drive is connected to the device, WardWiz prompts you to scan it before you import files from the USB stick. This protects your device from harmful viruses that the USB might contain.

Heuristic Scan

Heuristic scan is technique of detecting harmful files and threats based on their behaviour. It is a very important feature as it protects the device even if the virus database is not updated.

Scheduled Scan

Allows to define scan schedule.

Autorun Protection

Autorun scanner enables you to scan the autorun files before it runs on the device. So it keeps your device protected even if a USB or any other device is connected to it.

Anti Ransomware

Get Next-gen ransomware protection against CTB-Locker, Locky, Petya and TeslaCrypt ransomware families with WardWiz Anti Ransomware.

Real Time Scanner

Each time you receive a file, open, download or copy it, WardWiz real-time scanner will give you the highest level of protection on real time basis.


Rootkits allow administrative access to unauthorized users through any third party application. It hampers the application process; also it helps hackers to steal the information. WardWiz detects, blocks, repairs and permanently removes such malicious program to keep your computer system safe.

Registry Optimizer

The Registry Optimizer improves performance of your computer system. It removes unwanted and leftover entries from software uninstalls, idle entries etc. to boost registry operations and boost the overall performance.

Data Encryption

You can add extra protection to your files and folders by using Data Encryption and Decryption feature. WardWiz encrypted files can be decrypted only through WardWiz.

Data Theft Protection

You can prevent data leakage by enabling the Data Theft Protection option which blocks unauthorized transfer of data from your device to an external drive.

Self Protection

WardWiz Self Protection is built to detect vulnerabilities and fix them. It identifies and defends itself from attacks.

Infected File Quarantine

When WardWiz detects threats or infected files, it automatically repairs, isolates and keeps them in the quarantine folder to prevent these files from spreading infection to the computer system and other files.

Recover Quarantine Files

If a document or application is moved to the quarantine folder but it is important and contains necessary data, such file can be recovered using the Recover Quarantine Files in WardWiz.

WardWiz Widget

Displays WardWiz Gadgets UI on user’s desktop.

Parental Control

WardWiz Parental Control allows to put restriction on Modern Child’s use of electronic devices. Wardwiz features the following restrictions for children: 1. Restriction on Computer usage 2. Restriction on Application categories 3. Restriction on Internet usage.


Filters and protects all existing versions of DDoS attacks on the network, transport and session levels, as well as at the application level for HTTP(s)/WebSocket traffic. WardWiz allows us to achieve stable operation of your resources even in the most powerful attacks. The three-level Triplet filtering system is built in such a way that illegitimate traffic from packet generators cannot even theoretically pass through to affect your network.

Email Scan

WardWiz Email scan is an additional layer of active protection which scans your incoming and outgoing email messages in real-time for malicious content or attachments from phishing website